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James Delivers Powerful, Impactful, and Entertaining Keynote Presentations to Organizations Around the World

James’ interactive and engaging keynotes will leave a lasting impression in your audience. His years of international business experience, his sincerity and passion will leave your audience asking for an encore. After the event you will find him at the back of the room to interact and answer questions for your audience. His thoughtful and passionate personality make him a great choice as your next keynote speaker.

Perspective Makes a Difference

If you are an event planner and/or event organizer, you can feel confident that James clearly understands what you are looking for. Throughout his career he has been in the role of a leader and organizer of events for small communities and larger cities. He realizes all that goes into the planning and implementation process. He is a speaker that does all that he can to contribute to making your event go smoothly and one that you will be proud of.
For larger events, we now use a video introduction instead of one read by the emcee. The video is embedded in James’s presentation. The version here is for your review.

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Jame's is Trusted by Numerous Organizations Around the World

Why Hire Me

I am SUPER EASY to work with. I’m NOT a prima-donna… I don’t need red m&m’s in my “4 bedroom suite”. I’m happy to travel economy and will always be there to support you and make YOU look GREAT!
I will help you before, during and after the event in anything you need. I understand I am there to support you and making your event a success.
I think ALWAYS win-win. I understand there are many ways of remuneration so we can always find ways to work together. Let’s talk!
I have over 39 years of experience as a speaker and over 20 years of experience as an event promoter and organizer. I understand and value teamwork and I will ALWAYS be there to support you and your audience.
I am a grateful speaker. My goal is to support you every way I can. After all if I do, you will be happy to invite me back and if I’m lucky, you might even refer me to some of your business contacts.

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