When you have an event and you’re
looking for a powerful speaker...

Dr. James Dentley will provide an extraordinary experience at your event. If you’re looking for a speaker that can provide a long-lasting impact for your participants, than take a look at the effect James has had on audiences for the past 38 years. With his extensive experience, he can deliver the right message customized to the right audience everytime.

Why Should You Consider James As A Speaker For Your Next Event?

When your event is critically important, you need the certainty an award-winning speaker will create vibrant interaction, provide relevant content and help you generate buzz at your event. James’ presentations are full of vivid images & real-life stories that inspire & connect with the audience.

Please Your Audience​

James is comfortable in a private setting, break out sessions, before a boardroom full of executives, or on stage in front of thousands.

Guaranteed Results

James is an engaging and passionate speaker. His style creates immediate results for the attendees and the corporation.

Grateful & Easy to Work With

James] is a thoughtful and easy to work with speaker. He will always be there to support you. Before, during and after your event.

James Speaking Career In A Nutshell

Years Experience
Days of Training
James Dentley

Common Audience Reaction To James Presentations:

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"Super Powers" (Expertise)

Proven Ideas (not just theory). A keynote speaker that provides ACTIONABLE takeaways every time!

Most keynote speakers are inspiring but they lack takeaways and next steps.

Jame’s superpower is opening minds, stretching the imagination, and providing your audience with growth opportunities that would otherwise be unthinkable without his Influence. He follows through by energizing the audience, getting them to think differently, and getting them to embrace meaningful change. His down to earth style encourages them to take meaningful actions that deliver long-lasting results.

He has built massive organizations and also a publicly-traded company for over 38 years. He understands human behavior and how it can impact an organization both positively as well as negatively. He delivers in a style that encourages people to think differently and embracing meaningful and lasting change from within.


Over the past 38 years, Dr. James Dentley has studied and focused on Human and Technology trends. He has been able to be ahead of the curve on technology trends. He has developed a variety of talks that will benefit the staff, customers, vendors, and the corporation. His style is engaging, energizing, thought-provoking and most importantly; his programs are relevant to all attendees. This allows the attendees to have action steps immediately after the event.

He understands that “concepts remain constant, and techniques change”. He also knows that your best concepts and ideas of five years ago, are your excess baggage today. He has a unique style and ability to deliver a powerful, insightful, relevant, engaging program that will impact your audience every time. He will strive to make your event a huge success. His keynote presentations on change management and disruptive innovation are invaluable in today’s post Covid19 chaotic times. Many of his attendees rave that his presentation will resonate more with your audience.

Communication Creates Culture And Currency

45 – 60 – 90 minutes Key Note

This is James’ most requested keynote! If you want your audience to say: WOW, what a GREAT presentation! We can guarantee you that your audience will be listening to every word, taking copious notes of this one of a kind presentation. James has been voted the best speaker multiple times after this presentation.

Perfect for multi-audience conferences or corporate events of all sizes.

Scale Excel

45-minutes | 90-minutes

Marketing for revenue, branding for scale.

Strong brands generate interest, attract new customers, and strengthen a business’s overall marketing strategy. Participants will learn the power of building and protecting a powerful brand and what key factors determine the profitability.

Perfect for multi-audience conferences or corporate events of all sizes.

Un-Pack Your Bags And Let's Go!

60-minutes | 120-minutes

Overcoming self-defeating behaviors.

This thought-provoking, the high-energy experience will forever alter in a positive way your organization’s mindset. PERFECT keynote to kickoff an event where participants will be challenged to think differently, to be open for new opportunities. This presentation is fun, witty, thought-provoking, and full of insights. If your organization is going through a change of management, or a merger and acquisition this is a must-attend event. Your team will take your whole organization to a higher level of achievement.

Perfect for departmental or organization-wide events

No Excuses, JUST GIVE!

60-minutes | 120-minutes

Time Management – Productivity & Leadership Let your audience discover how James “connects the dots,” and how he can help them build a culture of productivity and team work. Your audience will thank you for including this cutting edge presentation in your event. Perfect for departmental or organization-wide events

5 Frequencies Of High Performance

60-minutes | 120-minutes

How to work, play and live in your power!

Learn how to apply the universal law of frequency to your life to create more power, more balance, more love, and more success than you have been able to achieve thus far. Participants will learn how to strategically and intentionally manipulate and align these natural universal laws to influence outcomes, experience and abundance.

Perfect for departmental or organization-wide events

Sample of Organizations That Have Used Dr. James Dentley's Training and Insights

Many of James Clients Bring Him Back Regularly To Their Organizations!

James Dentley has been an inspiration to many people around the world. If I had to choose training between myself and James Dentley, I would choose James, because of the skills he can teach.

Les Brown

Motivational Speaker
Best-Selling Author
Host of The Les Brown TV show

James is top notch!
He has my HIGHEST recommendation as he is an incredible speaker that can communicate and encourage changes in behavior to the positive.

I’ve know him for a number of years and he always delivers!

Keving Harrington

Former Shark Tank Investor

James is not only an extraordinary speaker but he is also a “people’s person”. The way that he supports the audience after his talk should be the standard in the industry, yet very few speakers know how to make everyone feel special.

James is a one-of-a-kind person. Incredibly knowledgeable, experienced and with a heart of gold. If you are an event planner , HR manager or CEO you need to bring James to your organization.

Ernesto Verdugo

CEO and Co-Founder
Speak Internationally

10 Reasons To Hire James

I AM EASY TO WORK WITH. My job is to support you and to help make your event a complete success.

I will always finish on-time. I am very respectful and considerate with time.

I will command and hold the attention of your audience. My presentations are thought-provoking, engaging, relevant & they create changes in behavior to the positive.

I don’t need to be pampered or given special treatment. I will do everything possible to make your life easy.

I will customize my content for your audience and will be prepared for any eventuality. Your audience will not be disappointed.

I will over-deliver every single time. My number one goal is to be invited back again and again. (I have dozens of repeat customers for over the last 38 years)

I understand there are many ways to be compensated. I can always be creative and find ways to work together. My #1 goal, is to impact as many lives as possible. Money should never be a barrier to improving people’s lives, call me be here?

I have 38 years in the speaking profession. You & I talk the same language. Think of me as part of the “event team”. I am always ready to serve!

My goal is to help make your event a huge success. I believe that if I help make your event a success, you will be happy to invite me back.

You can relax and  feel certain your audience will thank you for having me as a speaker at your event.

See James In Action

Global Experience:
In the past 38 years, James has logged and delivered in person and online
over 25,725 hours of training for people from over 41 nationalities in 29 countries

Bring James' experience, innovation, insights and passion to your next virtual or LIVE event.

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